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We offer 30% commission for the first referral sale If your visitor buys our product for 99 Euros, you will receive a commission of 29.7 Euros.

Minimum payment

Our affiliates always pay the commission on the 16th of the month for the sales mentioned last monthă.

Global payments

Our affiliates always pay commission on the 16th of the month for the sales mentioned last month.

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E-mail: edu@betterfutureedu.com

How does it work?

We have simplified the affiliation process

Online courses have taken the forefront over time, especially during the pandemic. They have gained popularity for exam preparation, upskilling, retraining and achieving career goals. It offers flexibility as one can study from anywhere, at any time.
So, if you have an audience that wants to develop their skills and boost their careers, you can start recommending our platform, which offers courses for everything from digital marketing to technology advancement.
Online learning platform betterfutureedu.com may promote affiliate programs that can help you earn money. It will also help the creative team to connect with the right target audience who want to grow in their respective fields.


Why should I join betterfutureedu's affiliate program?

You will earn the highest commissions of all education affiliate programs.
There are several advantages for starting an affiliate marketing collaboration for courses. It is important that you want to earn an extra income, especially if you consider that you have the ability to convince people to participate in our courses.

What are the benefits of membership for the courses we offer you:

The benefits you can have following this affiliate program:
› You can earn money quite easily. Every student brings you an income
› There is no minimum, maximum or specific norm. The more affiliate marketing leads you bring, the more you get
› You don't have to pay anything. There are no costs to enroll in the affiliate program for courses
› Offer - various courses. You have a good chance of finding someone interested in something, because we offer several types of courses.

Register as a betterfutureedu.com affiliate

We have a team of affiliates who are ready to help you through every step and maximize your results. Our courses are held worldwide in 2 different languages – our marketing material is carefully designed for all those markets.
Our sales team consists of expert academic advisors who specialize in pitching our studies to prospective students.

Frequent questions

Never hesitate to contact us with any questions

I have registered in your system, what should I do next?

After you have registered in the system, you can see the Affiliate section in your panel.
- Create your affiliate link and spread your affiliate links to users.
- If the user is your referral user and if he buys the course from the system then you will get commission from him as per system setup.
- You can withdraw your affiliate balance or add it to Wallet.
- You can add a PayPal or offline account to withdraw money.
- You can view and filter your balance summary.

What products can I get commissions for?

Currently, our core offering allows commissions for valid course purchases, majors and professional certificates and subscriptions.

Can I earn commissions on the eligible purchases of someone who is already a registered betterfutureedu.com user?


Can I earn commissions multiple times from a single user?

Yes, if the user purchases multiple courses while using your affiliate links.

If a user signs up for a monthly subscription product from betterfutureedu.com , does it result in a recurring commission payment each month?

No, we only commission the first month's transaction.

If a user clicks on a course link for a course and ends up purchasing another course, does that result in a commission payment?

Yes, you will receive commissions for each eligible product purchased in the cookie window.