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More than 20 years experience in education and research

·         PHD in economics – quality management

·         Independent international consultant in business administration field

·         University Associate professor

·         Trainer

·         Franchise specialist and branding expert

·         Speaker at national and international conferences

·         Specialist in integrated management systems: quality - environment – occupational health and safety

·         Expert in quality management at institutional level

Scientific research and recognition of scientific contributions

10 books published

More than 20 articles published

More than 20 national and international participation in professional conferences

Member of research grants with business environment

Coordinator Professor of the Erasmus programme

Responsible for the authorization and accreditation of undergraduate university programs

Organizer of scientific sessions

Coordinator of student scientific teams and coordinator of students papers in scientific sessions

Entrepreneurship Circle Coordinator of Lumina - The University of South-East Europe

Coordinator of the year and group of students

Coordinator of License Scientific papers and dissertation papers

Member of license and dissertation committee

Competition committee member to fill teaching positions

Member of the Romanian Society of Statistics from 2009

"Lifetime Member" of Human Resource Management Academic Research Society, an international organization headquartered in Pakistan

Member of the editorial board of the journal International Journal of Academic Research in Economics and Management Science, Pakistan

Member of the editorial board of the journal International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, Pakistan

Member in reviews of articles in the fields of marketing, management and international business for magazines of the FMR Scientific Publishing (Metalurgia,

Metalurgia International)

Editor in the editorial board of Annals "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University Bucharest, Economics Series - International Economic Relations

Member of the Center for Economic Research from "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University, International Business and European Integration Section

Member of the Commission for the Evaluation and Quality Assurance of Education from the "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University, Bucharest

Speaker at the last two editions of the International Franchise and Branding Fair

Member of the jury of the international competition FIRSTEP

Member of the jury of the international competition INFOMATRIX

Founding member (November 2005) of the National Alliance for the Promotion of

Youth EURO-TIN (coordination of domestic and international youth programs)

7 Awards/Prizes/Honours 

Diploma of excellence for outstanding contributions to becoming the Romanian school of marketing, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, November 20, 2013

The honorary title of “Man of the day” for the support and personal contribution to the realization at national level of the Contemporary Biographical Project Dictionary of

Romanian personalities, Eco-Europe, Bucharest, September 3, 2013

Gratitude diploma (“The university assistant of 2006”), The Faculty of General Economy, The Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

1st prize in the Students’ scientific communications session, for the 90th Anniversary of The Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest (26-27 April 2002)

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